Change is as good as a holiday they say...

Change is as good as a holiday they say...

...well the holiday thing just aint happening. 

Welcome to the Sugar Plum Tree Blog! I'm Nic, i'm 37 and Mum to Zara (7.5 going on 17), Indi (5 and ridiculously sweet) and Elsie (8.5 months and growing way too fast!)

I have been creating for over 7 years now... i really can't believe it has been this long. Before Sugar Plum Tree i was a Medical Scientist (i have a Bachelor of Science in Molecular Genetics). For a few years i attempted to juggle "real work" and running a handmade business, but the stress of trying to get the kids to daycare on time and everything else in the house done as well as work was just too much, so when we moved to Perth in 2014 i decided to become a full time Mumpreneur. My absolute DREAM JOB is to be a Genetic Counsellor, but unfortunately we would need to live in Victoria or Sydney for me to study that, so that dream is currently on pause while i focus on the little sugar plums in our life.

So anyone, this whole year has been an absolute blur. As a lot of you know, a third Sugar Plum, Elsie Lin, joined us in March, and i didn't take a break. I literally had people messaging me about SPT stuff the day after Elsie was born, it was beyond stressful, but i was determined not to stop. The main reason for this was because i didn't want Bridget, our amazing seamstress who works full time sewing for SPT, to be out of a job, and i didn't want to let her down, lose her and leave her in the lurch. So i soldiered on. But the chaos came with that! I honestly had no idea how hard this would be! Each and every week has been survival mode. Getting the kids fed, to school, homework done, extra activities done... to be frank just keeping them alive has been a struggle! At the same time handmade has become harder and harder to maintain a profitable business... there are all sorts of new businesses with their products being made in China popping up and selling similar styles for half what i charge... when my profit margin is about 25% you can imagine how hard this is on business. Its impossible to compete. But i have been soldiering and soldiering and soldiering... until now.

The time has come where i need to take a break. I've gotten myself so behind with everything in life, in a bit of a financial pickle, have piled on weight and become so unhealthy... and if i don't slowdown i'll be having a nervous break down very soon! So i've spoken to Bridget and she is going to help with other aspects i'm struggling with (packaging etc) and take up some extra work, and I'm going to try and take a break! It has been such a relief to finally have some direction and although i'm madly trying to catch up on things like bookkeeping etc i'm feeling more at peace with my decision to slow down.

So here i am! I'm not sure which direction this blog will end up taking, but it already feels better just blurting out my feelings and emotions to you all. Thank you for reading and i hope you can continue to support me on both @sugarplumtree_mama and @sugarplumtree_handmade.


All my love, 

Nic xoxo





Nicole Woyzbun

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